PART 1: How The Tech Industry Works

I worked as a Software Engineer for over 16 years for some of the biggest technology companies on the planet. I understand the tech industry better than most.

This is why in 2021, I terminated my professional engineering designation and started a new career as a digital content creator and life coach.

A Chronological History of Social Media

When it comes to the tech industry, it is important to remember this key principle:

There are only 2 industries where customers are called ‘users,’ illicit drugs and tech.

It is important to understand this in that Big Tech social media companies follow the exact same principle as drug dealers:

  1. Provide enough of a free product to get customers helplessly addicted to it
  2. Monetize on that addiction by any means necessary

Like the illicit drug industry, there is no concept of ethics, morality, or concern for the well being of users with social media.

There is only one rule: maximize profits at all costs.

If you are a technology professional working for a social media company this is excellent, because if you know how to create requirements, write code, test or support applications, or create technical documents the world is your oyster.

If you are maximizing profits for the company you work for, there is practically no accountability for anything you do.

Unlike most industries where there is some semblance of ethical standards or government regulations which protect consumers, there is no such concept with social media.

Like the illicit drug industry, with social media it is 100% “Buyer beware.”

Unlike with the illicit drug industry, social media companies employ brilliant engineers, mathematicians, data scientists, and experts in psychology with the most powerful computer infrastructure on the planet to manipulate the buyer into having no way of knowing what it truly means to “beware.”

This course will teach you what you need to know as a user of social media platforms to protect yourself from exploitation and abuse by these platforms from the perspective of a former software engineer.

The most important thing you have to know when it comes to Social Media is that they are first and foremost mind control tools.

They are designed to direct flows of information to manipulate the thinking processes of users to solicit predictable patterns of behavior from them.

Much like with illicit drugs, the primary predictable response for social media companies is to maximize user session duration.

Doing so, increases the probability social media users will view and interact with advertisements which is the primary revenue stream for almost every social media platform.

The secondary revenue stream for social media companies is to collect as much private biometric user data and to sell it to other tech companies, usually (but not always) for advertising purposes.

This course will teach you HOW Social Media platforms do this and equip you with tools to protect yourself from their most insidious tactics.

In Part 2, I will teach you what you likely are most familiar with if you are regular user of social media: User Interface.

I will share with you insidious hypnosis tricks every social media platform uses to condition users with a psychological principle known as “Classical Conditioning.”

Also known as the “Pavlov’s Dog” technique where you are conditioned to salivate like a dog when you hear a bell.

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